Hello, welcome to my site. I am a Technical Sales Person who got bit by the Hollywood BUG!

I have been a technical sales person for 20+ years. I have a great storage background. Since moving to the west coast with my last company, I wanted to take over the entertainment business.

I invested in a production company and put some TV and Movie projects together.

New House for sale in North Texas, 3405 cedar brook, Sachse, TX 75048

Looking for a technology position

Link: http://brianfitzgerald.org/

I am just beginning my search for a new technology sales position. I have some great storage work experience. I have worked at EMC, Storage Tech, McData, Bustech After one year investing in the entertainment business and having some success I just realized that I missed technology, so while have kept my channel storage sales role, I need to focus and get a direct sales position. I missed the juice of working on large scale technology projects. I would prefer a manufacturer, but open to the right opportunity. Click on the contact tab to contact me. Brian

New Talent Management / Production Company

Link: http://hassmanfitzgerald.com/

After successfully producing the TICKLED PINK COMEDY TOUR together, Neil Hassman and I have merged our companies to form a new management / production company.

Punk Your Friends

Link: http://punkyourfriends.com

So I had an idea for a show, called "Punk Your Friends" about a year ago, I pitched the idea to the wrong people and it went no where. But I had a note that the site was going to expire, so I just picked it up with today. I will put together a quick site this week and then try to get some videos downloaded and do some viral marketing to get this show some buz.

Reel 1

Link: http://reel1.com

Found this site as it was expiring and just had to pick it up. I was going to change my production company from Reel Entertainment to Reel 1 Entertainment or have my talent management division be called Reel 1 Management. What do you think?